Created by Doze Green and produced by Kidrobot.



Bow before her; the Goddess approaches. 

Unshroud Doze Green's mystical black Goddess from her premium packaging and discover why faithful pilgrims journey far and wide to bask in her splendor. 

By far the most magnificent Kidrobot Black creation ever conceived, 

this visionary vinyl towers at 20 inches to the top of her horns and celebrates the life and love granted by the eternal Mother. 

Exquisitely rendered in matte vinyl and embellished with gloss-touched details, Doze's latest depiction of the symbol of fertility will have you in awe

of her organic-mechanized mythic form. 

Encased in luxurious black and gold quarters bearing Doze Green's signature in gold foil, this striking sculpture is limited to only 200 pieces.